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Yega Orulimi Orunyoro-Rutooro

Presented by Abwooli Balancer

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Learn the right Runyoro-Rutooro words

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Yega Orulimi Orunyoro-Rutooro is a daily Program from 4:00pm-4:30pm about Runyoro-Rutooro language.

The Program is hosted by Abwooli Balancer where by he teaches the right words to use in Runyoro-Rutooro Language.

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Yega Orulimi Orunyoro-Rutooro charts

Yega Orulimi Orunyoro-Rutooro team

Patrick Byaruhanga Amooti Omusengya works as Deputy News editor. He also does Manya Ensi Yaawe Program (Monday to Friday) from 1pm-3pm and Kambigambe Program every Sunday.  

Tibamwenda Ignitious reads the Announcements at 07:30pm in the Evening and 7:45am in the Morning. He also Presents Tumuhaise Program during Sundays with Akugizibwe Victor.  

Musana Christopher works as a News Reporter, he also does Tuesday Tran Night Show and Saturday Trans Night Show  

Hon. Minister Matia Kasaija is the Director (Owner) of Karuguuza Development Radio-KDR 100.3FM Matia Kasaija is a Ugandan politician. He is the current Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in Uganda’s Cabinet also the Member of Parliament Buyanja Constituency.    

Abwooli Balancer (Real Names: Patrick Abigaba) is a presenter who does Yega Olurimi Orunyoro-Rutooro Program, Abagurusi and Amaka. He also hosts Programs  

Bingi Florence works as the Station Cashier  

Julius Da Great (Tinka Julius) works as a News Reporter, he also does Monday Trans Night Show, Thursday Trans Night Show and Obuzina Bwabana Bomuka.    

Kato Joseph Abooki works as a News Reporter, he also does Free style Wednesaday Show and Sunday Trans Night Show    

Joyce Jojo (Nyamaizi Joyce) is works as a Runyoro-Rutooro News Anchor. She also hosts the Mid-Morning Show called Omukozi Hamulimo Gwe Monday to Friday from 10am-1pm with Angel Williamz  

K. Willy Da Senior (Kaahwa William) is a Sports Presenter who does Sports analysis and live commentary He also presents the daily Evening show from Monday to Friday Called Haizooba from 4pm to 8pm    

Sharon Kempango is a Runyoro-Rutooro News Anchor. She also does Gutujja Program, Omusigazi Sisimuka, Youth Talk and Gospel Glory Touch My Favorite Quote “Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” ~ Dalai Lama  

Angel Williamz Owakabi ( Sunday William; )   works a Presenter,  Ass.programs Director, Marketing Officer & IT Officer.He hosts the Mid-Morning daily program from 10am- 1pm that is called Omukoozi Hamumulimo Gwe alongside Joyce Jojjo. 



Jamil Tumusiime is the Station Manager Karuguuza Development Radio. He hosts Development Space Program every Saturday from 10am-12pm and also does The World  Today Slot in Zinduka show. Gallery    

Akugizibwe Victor is the Programs Director. He also presents Tumuhaise Program every Sunday from 5:30am-9am as well as hosting Talk Show Programs

Deo Bigtyme (Asiimwe Deo) is the Chief News Editor. He also does different On-Air Programs including Celebu Waawe, Count Down and Chamuka na Weekend  

Detective Valence (Asiimwe Valence) is a Station Producer who also hosts the Morning Zinduka Show with Alice Malaika from 5:30am to 10am. He also hosts Kadongo Kamu Program every Sunday  

Princess Pricilla ( Asaba Pricilaa Annet ) is a presenter who does the Morning Show from 5:30am-10am called Zinduka with Detective Valance.  

Deogratius Vicker  (Real Names Ssebwami Deogratius;) is a Sports presenter who does Sports Analysis and Sports live Commentary, he does Sports Updates in Morning Show called Zinduka and also does General Sports Program from 3;00pm-4;00pm along side K Willy. Deogratius Vicker also hosts a daily  Program ( Monday to Friday )  called Haizooba  from 4;30pm-8;00pm. […]

Yega Orulimi Orunyoro-Rutooro crew

Abwooli Balancer (Real Names: Patrick Abigaba) is a presenter who does Yega Olurimi Orunyoro-Rutooro Program, Abagurusi and Amaka. He also hosts Programs